QNector Highlights

QNector was built with simplicity in mind for the user but robust features that work in the backend to make it powerful!

Premium Features

Add custom proxys to keep views unique

Import all of the proxys you can into QNector to make the visits to your website or video unique. Scan and filter out non-active proxys easily with the click of a button, to keep the hits moving fast!

Set Page View Intervals

In your settings, you can modify the range how long the software stays on the page, the number of hits it should get and how long it should wait in between hits to keep traffic looking natural.

Built-In User Agents

Another thing we did was add plenty of different browser types or user agents to keep he page views looking like they are coming from all different browser types. Nothing you need to do here unless you want to add or remove certain ones.

Mass Viewing

Set as many url's as you like up to run at the same time. Batching page and video views saves time and allows you let the program run in the background and make the most of your time.

QNector Overview

To get a better understanding of how the software works, check out our video.